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the Magic

Are w g t b a t m a b a h o t l w t n f d n f r?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8376079 684166 Are w g t b a t m a b a h o t l w t n f d n f r? My sources say no
8376078 684166 Will w h t m t b a h o t l w a f d ? Reply hazy, try again
8376077 684166 Will t p b s f m v v s n? Count on it
8376076 243174 Will I have the money to move? Ask again later
8376075 684166 Is h e m t l a h a g l g t b s I h t w a t r o m l? Count on it
8376074 684166 Do I n t j k g b t I w I g t h a m n? My reply is no
8376073 243174 Will I like living there? Outlook good
8376072 243174 Will I get the new apartment? Yes - definitely
8376071 684166 Will w b g a e l a o m w t n f h f r a f s? It is decidedly so
8376070 684166 Will w g e w n a m I c n? NO!
8376069 684166 Are t c l u t f p o f u b t? Cannot predict now
8376068 684166 Am I o t r p a I w j h n? NO!
8376067 684166 Will t b a b f u t t w? Signs point to yes
8376066 375328 Is he leaving at 5:30pm Outlook good
8376065 375328 Is he leaving at 5:30pm Yes - definitely
8376064 375328 Is he leaving at 5:30pm Reply hazy, try again
8376062 375328 Was that post About me It is decidedly so
8376061 375328 Was that post About me Not in a million years
8376060 375328 Will he text me today It is certain
8376059 375328 Will he text me today My reply is no
8376058 375328 Is Kareem mad at me Yes
8376057 375328 Is Kareem mad at me Count on it
8376056 344206 Red will marry Yellow, am I correct? Yes
8376055 344206 Yellow’s attempt wasn’t soggy, Red will reciprocate her feelings for him, am I correct? Without a doubt
8376054 859417 Will my financial worker call me back today? NO!
8376053 859417 Will the judge approve my social security disability claim ? Without a doubt
8376052 10693 Should I break up with him? Outlook good
8376051 10693 Should I break up with him? Reply hazy, try again
8376050 417378 Will Charli say something to me today? Signs point to yes
8376049 231559 are we going to hook up ? Without a doubt
8376048 231559 still wants to hook up ? Concentrate and ask again
8376047 231559 likes me ? NO!
8376046 231559 true or false ? NO!
8376045 231559 yes or no ? It is certain
8376044 79133 Should I beat my meat It is decidedly so
8376043 958405 Do I get a chance to go on the X Factor? NO!
8376042 783274 mai threw my drink all over me and operated the Gatling gun ... cranking... and with each pass of her hand she said " it created this much trouble or ended it Signs point to yes
8376041 783274 go ahead and drop your bodies on the highway... I've seen it before Outlook good
8376040 783274 pizza and praline pecan ice cream... my favorite weapon It is decidedly so
8376039 783274 mai and cindi needed it from me this morning Yes - definitely
8376038 783274 what I gained? ... street cred to my already abundant street cred Outlook not so good
8376037 783274 and, in august 2014, hannah medeck at the west main taco bell Yes
8376036 783274 I attracted her. and Kristin Griffith Count on it
8376035 783274 allow me to express the reason: ... ledzepchewtoy at h o t m a i l As I see it, yes
8376034 783274 I'm alive, attracting all the hot chicks, and, walking around - swagger moseying - like one of those cobra gunship pilots Very doubtful
8376033 783274 you know what today is Count on it
8376032 783274 your ugly boys got shot down by all the hot white chicks Yes - definitely
8376031 344206 Will Red marry Yellow in Pokespe? Count on it
8376030 333079 will Heather get more work hours next week? Without a doubt
8376029 333079 can i get paid to be heather's caretaker? Not in a million years