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the Magic

Roberto B thinking of me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
8392159 723926 Roberto B thinking of me Most likely
8392158 723926 Roberto B thinking about me Without a doubt
8392157 723926 Roberto B thinking about me Outlook good
8392156 723926 Roberto B thinking about me Very doubtful
8392155 723926 Roberto B thinking about me It is decidedly so
8392154 723926 Roberto B thinking about me It is decidedly so
8392153 88651 Will I g a l m c I t m t f s s d I? Most likely
8392152 88651 Will o t t c g f t a w w g h s w a I? Without a doubt
8392151 88651 Will I g m t t m a t s I w g? Outlook good
8392150 88651 Will a c j s u o o t b I ? Count on it
8392149 88651 Am I a t g t a l I t m a d n f r a f s? NO!
8392148 88651 Did m d s a t s s a w t l w t w g m a I? Yes - definitely
8392147 88651 Did m d g p w f t y? Outlook good
8392146 88651 Are y l a t a w w b j f? Yes - definitely
8392145 88651 Will a b h t u a t s? Without a doubt
8392144 88651 Is e g t g e r f u f a w n? Outlook not so good
8392143 88651 Will o p r b a t w? Most likely
8392140 16379 should i choose berezina as my advisor? Reply hazy, try again
8392139 16379 should i choose choi as my advisor? Count on it
8392138 16379 should i choose d. b. as my advisor? Not in a million years
8392137 16379 should i choose b as my advisor? Ask again later
8392136 27654 Would tdgbok Signs point to yes
8392135 27654 Would tag okie Not in a million years
8392134 27654 Go to smtt Yes
8392133 27654 Go to tnt Concentrate and ask again
8392132 27654 Go get wn Without a doubt
8392130 27654 Go to ttfasnkrn My reply is no
8392126 417378 Will jessie send me a message? Not in a million years
8392125 417378 Will Jessie refriend me? My reply is no
8392123 32294 I won in South Dakota by attracting all the hot chicks for s e x. Outlook good
8392122 32294 hot chicks are only for me. Outlook good
8392121 32294 hot chicks aren't for cops or us special agents. Better not tell you now
8392120 32294 that ugly fag is for a cop or your mexican Outlook not so good
8392117 88651 Will h a f w t e l j I t m o d t t? NO!
8392116 88651 Will b w t l w t n s d? Count on it
8392115 88651 Will I b a f s s d I w t n s d? Most likely
8392114 88651 Will I b r m f s a I w h m o I w t n s d? It is decidedly so
8392113 88651 Will I g s e g n b s t w? Yes
8392112 88651 Is t a o h p c o t h n? Ask again later
8392111 88651 Is t a c t t s s a w t m I h a b a w I g t f p w? Without a doubt
8392110 88651 Will w g t a t t w n I a g b h s f a o t? Most likely
8392109 27654 Go get wine My sources say no
8392108 511738 Will this audit go bad Reply hazy, try again
8392107 27654 Is hmbtdl As I see it, yes
8392106 27654 Is hmhbd Without a doubt
8392105 27654 Is hfthby My sources say no
8392104 27654 Ask yabtfd Yes - definitely
8392103 879133 Omwall certain family members knows me Yes - definitely
8392102 879133 Omwall family members get knows me Cannot predict now
8392101 879133 Omwall some family members get knows me My sources say no