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the Magic

Does Madeline still have love for me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9087109 414926 Does Madeline still have love for me Yes
9087108 414926 Can I still win Madeline back It is certain
9087107 414926 Is Madeline sad about her ex still My sources say no
9087106 414926 Did Madeline cry yesterday because of me Very doubtful
9087105 414926 Has Madeline be sad about me Outlook not so good
9087104 414926 Does Madeline think I'm with Jennifer Cannot predict now
9087103 414926 Will Madeline stop being upset with me It is certain
9087102 414926 Is Madeline upset with me As I see it, yes
9087101 414926 Does Madeline still love me Very doubtful
9087100 414926 Will Madeline come back to talk to me Signs point to yes
9087099 414926 Is Madeline done with me As I see it, yes
9087098 732697 Existence is real? Signs point to yes
9087097 732697 Anyway, I have a life? Signs point to yes
9087096 732697 Lol what? My reply is no
9087095 598597 ay lonely c o k k s u k k e r ! … Yes
9087094 598597 ay! go stuff your mouth with sonny boys b a l l s a c Outlook not so good
9087093 261345 Will my doctor have the results of my nipt test by Sunday My sources say no
9087092 261345 Have my nipt test come back Count on it
9087091 598597 that b i t c h over there can’t man up Ask again later
9087090 261345 Am I going to be fired from my job As I see it, yes
9087089 261345 Will Dennis contact me next week Most likely
9087088 598597 awww sheeeit, lihul dude, go s u k k your multiple c o k k s My reply is no
9087087 261345 Will I hear from Dennis this afternoon Better not tell you now
9087086 261345 Will Dennis contact me today Reply hazy, try again
9087085 261345 Will Dennis contact me Count on it
9087084 598597 he’s got c o k k to s u k k NO!
9087083 598597 your boy can’t man up Better not tell you now
9087082 597771 17 will be play today on UK My sources say no
9087081 597771 Colour of bonus ball for today My sources say no
9087080 166760 et kanat parmak80 bana ait 70 göt size ait amk My reply is no
9087079 166760 yarrağımı yiyin Outlook good
9087078 166760 size kanat et parmak80 yok amk dondurma ekmek var şerefsizler ! Most likely
9087077 598597 party pizzas in the 1980s Count on it
9087076 153835 forget the hot chicks, your boy can’t man up Not in a million years
9087075 391101 Does kyla like me Yes
9087074 391101 Does gabbi like me Outlook not so good
9087073 735355 Will I ever have a women? Yes
9087072 153835 awww he couldn’t man up It is decidedly so
9087071 563001 Will I pass the CPA exam on next Saturday? It is decidedly so
9087070 563001 Will I pass the CPA exam next week? Not in a million years
9087069 153835 he refuses to man up Yes
9087068 153835 he keeps acting like a p u s s y f a g g o t Signs point to yes
9087067 153835 he acts like he doesn’t have any teeth Signs point to yes
9087066 153835 he isn’t manning up tho Very doubtful
9087065 153835 he just can’t man up Ask again later
9087064 153835 FBI/jew: it looks like your boy can’t man up again Yes - definitely
9087063 66767 Does Jan Hizon can't stand Alexia Cornelio-Antonio? Without a doubt
9087062 450831 will I stay married? It is decidedly so
9087061 450831 should I start my business? Reply hazy, try again
9087060 66767 Is Bethany Cheng going to the celestial kingdom? Without a doubt