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Does Alex like me

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9208165 137252 Does Alex like me It is decidedly so
9208164 137252 Should I ask Alex out Very doubtful
9208163 137252 Does Lachlan like me Ask again later
9208162 137252 Does Alex like someone My reply is no
9208160 654410 should i make it? My sources say no
9208159 654410 is it bad if i do? Not in a million years
9208158 654410 is it bad if i do? Ask again later
9208157 91151 Does Miranda hate me Very doubtful
9208156 91151 Is Miranda ghosting me Not in a million years
9208154 112356 will we both still have a future? Signs point to yes
9208153 112356 will she be okay? As I see it, yes
9208152 112356 will i be okay? It is decidedly so
9208151 112356 will she love me Signs point to yes
9208150 112356 should i give up? Outlook good
9208149 112356 should i give up? Reply hazy, try again
9208148 112356 is it all over? It is certain
9208147 112356 will valeria still want to be with me? Very doubtful
9208146 112356 am i going to lose her Cannot predict now
9208145 112356 Will i lose her? Ask again later
9208144 112356 Will she still want to be with me? NO!
9208143 112356 Will she still want to be with me? Ask again later
9208142 112356 Will something go wrong? Cannot predict now
9208141 112356 Will everything be ok between us? My reply is no
9208129 298279 is theio george on my way to my house today It is certain
9208122 895115 Do the people using this 8 ball need to get a life? It is certain
9208121 895115 should I buy the investment subscription? My sources say no
9208120 14544 Is the game that I made called "30 lives, 1 death." demonic? My sources say no
9208119 14544 Are you rude? Signs point to yes
9208118 14544 Are you acting like Joey? It is certain
9208117 14544 Do you care about me? Cannot predict now
9208116 14544 Is this you God? It is decidedly so
9208115 14544 Answer pls NO!
9208114 14544 Will God be ∞% sad if I committed suicide? Count on it
9208113 14544 Will God be 200% sad if I committed suicide? Count on it
9208112 14544 Does only 0.01% in the class like me? As I see it, yes
9208111 14544 Is Devon a.k.a. "Deric Baltaman" which he hates being called wrong? As I see it, yes
9208110 14544 Do I dislike r34 and like Roblox? It is certain
9208108 14544 Am I worse than Inigo and old Pau? As I see it, yes
9208107 14544 Is being myself a mistake? Outlook good
9208106 14544 Am I a good person? Outlook good
9208105 14544 Am I a menace to society? Outlook not so good
9208104 14544 Is the world better without me? It is certain
9208103 14544 Do I deserve to die? Outlook good
9208102 14544 Do they feel bad? Cannot predict now
9208101 14544 Do my classmates celebrate when I'm not in the pizza party day today? NO!
9208100 14544 Is life unfair? Cannot predict now
9208099 14544 Am I not even going to purgratory? It is decidedly so
9208098 14544 Am I 0.01% going to heaven? It is certain
9208097 14544 Am I 100% going to hell? It is decidedly so
9208096 14544 Does God hate me? Better not tell you now