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Will he unblock me on Saturday?

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ID Anonymous Number Question Answer
9363619 257301 Will he unblock me on Saturday? Not in a million years
9363618 152167 I lied about my proficiency in programming languages in an interview and they now offered me a position, should i say yes Yes - definitely
9363617 433745 L is drinking Outlook not so good
9363616 433745 L with females My reply is no
9363615 433745 L is singing Ask again later
9363614 108104 will we survive? Not in a million years
9363613 257138 In name of Jesus amen, Jamaican Omar o wallace called me yesterday truth absolutely, really, not married belle fanm kreyol truth absolutely really, over, no contacts, not lying Outlook not so good
9363612 257138 Late bishop Eugene graves, Prophet Brian carn, In name of Jesus amen, Jamaican guy questioned Carey Chamberlain knew me, truth absolutely, Jamaica Omar o wallace used Jamaican friends hunt for me truth absolutely. Jamaica Omar o wallace talking close friends about me truth As I see it, yes
9363611 214150 Should I accept the nomination for officer Without a doubt
9363610 781162 Should I confess my love to Chase? Signs point to yes
9363609 236900 garden table hurst b i t c h a s s pizza hut loser My reply is no
9363608 236900 one of these days I'm going to shoot you in your ugly f u k k i n g face Ask again later
9363607 236900 and your face is too ugly blackkokopelliatASU Yes - definitely
9363606 236900 because you're too stupid. Yes - definitely
9363605 236900 you never studied computer science at harvard Not in a million years
9363604 236900 you never took a single math class or hard science class in high school. instead, you hid from reality and built homeless shelters under neath bridges in rc Very doubtful
9363603 236900 you're a god damm clown and an idiot Outlook good
9363602 236900 you're not a gangster, weenie in riverside As I see it, yes
9363600 588508 Do i just block this women? Cannot predict now
9363599 980085 Tomorrow will be digital soldier of 1358 days Count on it
9363598 980085 I'm digital soldier of 1357 days Outlook good
9363597 498433 Will the Minnesota TImberwolves win on Sunday night? Signs point to yes
9363596 498433 Will the Minneasota Timberwolves win on Thursday night? As I see it, yes
9363595 608846 Tengo que comprarme la máquina de café? Outlook not so good
9363594 608846 Me tengo que comprar la cafetera? Reply hazy, try again
9363593 169284 should i get to know the person i just added Outlook good
9363592 328425 Should I go out there? My sources say no
9363591 738343 Will Esther’s trabajo work on kareem My reply is no
9363590 738343 Is Kareems baby mama is in Colombia with him Signs point to yes
9363589 738343 Is Kareems baby mama is in Colombia with him Reply hazy, try again
9363587 738343 Should I trust Esther As I see it, yes
9363586 738343 Should trust Esther Concentrate and ask again
9363585 738343 Did Esther’s do the trabjo Not in a million years
9363584 738343 Will Esther’s trabajo work Not in a million years
9363583 738343 Will Kareem call me tomorrow Without a doubt
9363582 738343 Will Kareem call me tomorrow Better not tell you now
9363581 738343 Will Kareem call me today Very doubtful
9363580 313360 is christine not to be trusted Yes
9363579 313360 is antonia jealous of you Most likely
9363578 313360 does antonia trust mele more than me Most likely
9363577 313360 dies antonia trust mele more than me My sources say no
9363576 920430 will the next days and today be lighter for me? As I see it, yes
9363575 1012284 O programa kabul alacak mıyım? Very doubtful
9363574 1012284 Evlenecek miyim It is decidedly so
9363573 1012284 izmirde okul Concentrate and ask again
9363572 1012284 Sabancıda doktora? My sources say no
9363571 1012284 can ı enter sabancı phd program Concentrate and ask again
9363570 433745 L is receiving $7000 Without a doubt
9363569 433745 L is getting $7000 My sources say no
9363568 305971 Am I going to r the full time Lead stocking associate at Pet Smart? It is certain